Encompass Group, LLC
Warren Nesbit, Corporate VP of Human Resources – Encompass Group, LLC

“Over the last several years my company has utilized VRG to assist in maintaining a meaningful Affirmative Action Program. As a Federal Contractor, it is important for us to create a business environment in which management understands the commitment we make to the obligations of our Affirmative Action initiatives while at the same time insure compliance.

I am so pleased to say that Pete Van Zant and his team have been the partner we needed to make this happen. Pete’s ability to speak in layman’s terms, guide companies in the correct analysis of data, and lead them through the details of creating an effective AAP were just what we needed. The most important support we have received from Pete however came when our company faced an OFCCP desk audit. Pete took the lead in our dealings with the OFCCP, knew right away the language to speak and how to respond to the inquiry. Without him we might still be trying to figure out what to do. One other thing, Pete is someone an HR professional can talk to. He knows business and how HR fits. He is savvy enough to know and understand various compensation programs and can help you look for landmines that you would not be aware of. I highly recommend VRG. You will be pleased with your choice I am sure should you turn to VRG for assistance”.

Turner Enterprises, Inc.
William H. Shaw, VP Human Resources & Administration – Turner Enterprises, Inc.

“Kathy and VRG are valuable assets to our Human Resource efforts at TEl. No matter when or how often I call with an urgent request VRG always meets or exceeds our deadline. The efficiency and quality of VRG’s work is and remains at the highest standard. It is refreshing and a huge comfort to have VRG’s contact number in my “quick dial” list. Thanks again Kathy for you and your team being there for Turner Enterprises. We look forward to a continuing personal and professional relationship with VRG.”

Norfolk Airport Authority
Kenneth R. Scott, Executive Director – Norfolk Airport Authority

“With the completion of our Compensation Survey I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the highly professional manner in which you undertook and accomplished this project in a most timely manner and at a very reasonable cost. It is refreshing to see such professional services being provided and it was our pleasure to work with you. Thank you very much.”

Suhor Industries
Steve Williams, Director of Human Resources – Suhor Industries

“As the HR Director of a mid-size company that proudly embraces lean operating concepts, the tasks relating to OFCCP compliance present a significant burden. Discovering The Van Zant Resource Group has allowed me to partner with an organization that brings resources and expertise resulting in a product I can confidently present to those who rely on me. I found them to be creative yet thorough in dealing with various obstacles.”

TAC Industries
Mary Jo Shia, HR/Safety Specialist – TAC Industries

“Do you know that panic that you feel when you are not completely sure of the project you are about to tackle? Rest assure that it will disappear when you ask for help from VRG. Peter Van Zant, and Carolyn Bensel were more help than I could have asked for when given the challenge of putting together an Affirmative Action Plan. We were expecting a review in about 2 weeks and I had none of the data collected. Peter and Carolyn wasted no time helping me get started, and committed to having our AAP on time for our review. Not only did I get the AAP in time, I had a much better understanding of an AAP. Peter, Carolyn and Kathy are very knowledgeable, professional and they add that personal touch of comfort and trust. I am looking forward to a continued business relationship with VRG.”

Michael Harris, CPA, SPHR, VP of Human Capital & Facilities – Promethean

“Kathy was engaged by Promethean to assist us in building a compliance training program for the North American operations. Kathy assisted with the content, then played a key role, presenting alongside the Promethean team, the in-person and webinar training sessions. Kathy’s rich and deep background in HR compliance issues, provided a strong foundation in the legal side of compliance, useful real life illustrations of problems that can and have arisen, solutions and preventative measures. The end result was a professional, credible, collaborative compliance training program. We would highly recommend Kathy and the Van Zant Resource Group for any HR requirements you might have.”

Internap Network Services
Rebecca Higginbotham, Corporate Recruiter – Internap Network Services

“VRG has been a crucial partner to our Human Resources team over the last several years. In 2003 we engaged VRG to prepare our annual Affirmative Action Plan. Not only did they prepare the plan, they helped our HR staff and the leadership team clearly understand the findings and what that meant for our company. In 2006, they helped us successfully respond to an OFCCP desk audit. Seeing the expertise, professionalism and customer focus that VRG maintains – we immediately knew VRG would be a crucial resource to our HR efforts going forward. And that’s exactly what they’ve been.

Since then we’ve engaged VRG to help in numerous areas to include policy development, HR compliance, HR assessments, HR Strategic Planning, mergers & acquisitions and much more. In 2007, when our organization announced we would acquire a California-based technology company I knew immediately that I needed VRG’s knowledge and expertise if we were to get through the acquisition successfully. We had limited resources and limited knowledge in this area. The VRG team worked side-by-side with us. With their help we were able to drive a project plan that covered everything from the acquisition of the California employees to ensuring HR had a strategic plan in place that allowed our HR team to scale and be prepared for future growth. They were at the table with us the entire way through the acquisition. Our HR team received rave reviews on how we managed the acquisition and we can say with certainty, it is because we had VRG at the table with us. My Vice President commented, “Bringing Kathy Van Zant and her team in to help with the acquisition was brilliant of you, very smart move.” As well our executive team couldn’t have been more pleased with the results VRG was able to help us achieve. VRG is an excellent resource and we’re fortunate to have them as a partner.”

Stirling Energy Systems
Paul Dombroski, Human Resources – Stirling Energy Systems

“I wanted to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to you and your staff for providing the assistance in preparing our first Affirmative Action Plan. As a new start-up that is rapidly expanding, an AAP was needed to be put into place in order to meet the requirements of a bid we were submitting to a municipality. We had a two week window to prepare the bid with a completed AAP. Working closely with your staff we were able to compile the necessary data and have a completed AAP in a matter of days meeting our bid deadline. The quality and content of the plan is outstanding and will set the tone for our company commitment to affirmative action as we continue to grow.

We look forward to our continuing relationship and your demonstrated commitment to providing superior customer service at a very competitive cost. I will highly recommend your organization to anyone that needs help in this area.”

Siemens Business Services
Ike LaNier, Director of Diversity Programs – Siemens Business Services

“While serving as Diversity Director for a company with 5,000 employees, VRG was my “go to” source for all Affirmative Action related issues. For four years, the staff provided responsive and accurate feedback on matters that were crucial to workforce diversity strategies, i.e. compensation parity, applicant tracking and the development of Affirmative Action Plans. Because VRG was essential to the success of our Diversity function, and was perceived as an extension of the Diversity staff, it was reflected as such on the Organization Chart.”

South Jersey Healthcare
Bridget Feery, RN, MS, Director, Staffing Services – South Jersey Healthcare

“My company has been using The Van Zant Resource Group for several years, and we could not be more pleased with the services provided by Pete and his entire team. We searched for a company that would be able to assist us with our AAP, and we were so fortunate when we finally stumbled upon VRG. Pete has done an extraordinary job of meeting our organization’s needs and helping us to interpret federal regulations and deal with OFCCP Compliance Officers. Not only are the folks at VRG friendly and knowledgably, they are also extremely cost effective. Pete’s quick wit eases even the most stressful of times. We have referred The Van Zant Resource Group to several other organizations – that is how pleased we are with the work they provide for us.”

Panasonic Electronic Devices
Sue Fischer, Senior Human Resources Specialist – Panasonic Electronic Devices

“Panasonic Electronic Devices sought the guidance of Kathy Van Zant to reinvent our compensation plan. The results exceeded our expectations and aided us in refining the total compensation package. Kathy’s knowledge of compensation allowed her to offer targeted improvements and solutions to our plan as well as the steps to transition to the new format. Kathy is a joy to work with and more experienced in compensation than any other consultant or professional with whom we have worked. She deserves our highest recommendation.”

The Whitlock Group
Ann Gammon, Corporate HR Director – The Whitlock Group

“Kathy Van Zant with VRG was very instrumental in helping us to get our HR department on track with compliance issues. Our company had grown to a size where we needed help with federal and state compliance issues. VRG came in and helped us to look at all of our policies and procedures and then suggested ways for us to implement them so that our company would not be in jeopardy with the OFCCP. The knowledge, professionalism and expertise that VRG showed proved to be an added value to our organization.

VRG helped us to pull together our first Affirmative Action Plan. In doing this, our own HR department was able to learn from them what was needed to complete this process going forward. We work with VGR each year on putting together the information needed for our AAP. On an ongoing basis, I get regular updates on any mandates or changes on employment issues. These are very helpful with all of the changes that take place on HR issues.

We were very fortunate to work with Kathy and the folks with VRG. They always put our company first on their agenda to see that we had what we needed to comply with government issues, and that our policies and procedures were structured appropriately. VRG has been a crucial partner to our Human Resources team over the last several years”

Nursefinders, Inc.
Laura Fisher, VP Human Resources – Nursefinders, Inc.

“I could not be more pleased to have found VRG to partner with us in developing our Affirmative Action Plan. We had very little expertise; we have difficult systems issues. There are no problems or obstacles that Peter is unwilling or impatient to assist his client to overcome. They are both a rare resource and an expert that is also willing to educate you to that end. I have found VRG to be both responsive and user friendly, in this day of quick turnarounds, this is invaluable.”

IIF Data Solutions, Inc.
Cindy Thomas, Director of Human Resources – IIF Data Solutions, Inc.

“At my last company, when I saw what they were paying the consultant to prepare the Affirmative Action Plans, I immediately went shopping for a new vendor and discovered VRG on the SHRM website. VRG’s prices are very reasonable and we were even more impressed with the quality and professionalism of service as well as the work product itself. Needless to say, when I accepted a job at a new company and found out that the development of an Affirmative Action Plan was number 1 on their “to do” list, I contacted VRG immediately! We had a final product a month later. It is a pleasure working with them!” [2003]

“As always, thanks Pete! Securing you to prepare these plans for us is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made! I’m always available for a reference should you ever need one.” [2007]

Republic Bank Florida
Lu Akin, Senior Vice President, Human Resources – Republic Bank of Florida

“I have to say that when I first contacted VRG, Inc., I was shopping for a new vendor. I went on the internet and selected a few companies that initially impressed me. I gave each a call and immediately knew when I talked to Peter that VRG could help me! I have never been disappointed and feel our company is getting a quality Affirmative Action Plan at a very reasonable price.”

Georgia Medical Care Foundation
Donna Brinkman, HR Manager – Georgia Medical Care Foundation

“The Van Zant Resource Group has developed our affirmative action plans for many years. They are experienced professionals, and they provide us with a concise, accurate plan in a timely manner. We highly recommend VRG to other companies looking for AAP services.”

Anderson Construction Co.
Trey Anderson, President – Anderson Construction Co.

“After receiving a desk audit from the Department of Labor OFCCP we discovered that our Affirmative Action Programs needed a complete overhaul. VRG services were timely, cost effective and very professional. I would recommend their services to any company who is engaged in Federal Contracting arena and we look forward to a successful partnership with VRG for many years to come.”

Blackhawk Products Group
Marni Tesnow, HR Director – Blackhawk Products Group

“We shopped around with three different vendors to assist us with our Affirmative Action implementation. VRG was the most responsive to our proposal request as well as the most cost effective. Since this was our first Affirmative Action implementation, there was a very high level of uncertainty and after the first initial phone call with VRG, I knew they were the one we should choose. Pete spent quality time on the phone with us so he could better understand what our company need was, which made me immediately comfortable asking questions. Furthermore, he spent additional time on the phone with us after our first submission of information to go over the results and explain what it all meant and what we needed to do next. VRG is excellent at following up and following through for us and they walk you through the process step by step.”

Kent-Sussex Industries, Inc.
Jayson Crouch, Vice President & EEO Officer – Kent-Sussex Industries, Inc.

“Let’s face it, the reason companies contract out the development and maintenance of their Affirmative Action Program is to buy expertise. But VRG delivers much more than just expertise. They have been able to explain, even educate our staff on the many aspects associated with the program. I am very confident that we are in full compliance, and I know should there ever be an issue, help is only a phone call away. Working with VRG allows us to focus our energies on the pursuit of our mission.”

Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals LLC
Debbie Sullivan, HR Supervisor – Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals LLC

“Just an FYI. Finally had the compliance check today and it went well. Said we’d get a letter stating that we are in compliance. She looked at our progress on goals, documentation showing that we register with the state agency, and an example of a newspaper ad. Was here 30 minutes max. Thanks again for all your help in my time of crisis!! You’re a great resource as well as great calming influence!”

Dresser, Inc.
Jennifer Rod, EEO Officer – Dresser Wayne, Dresser, Inc.

“VRG provides us with professionally executed products, services, and consulting. Collecting and summarizing large amounts of data into a workable and meaningful Affirmative Action Plan can be a daunting task. VRG tackles this task and provides a quality product along with personal customer service. It is this quality and personalized service that brings customers back again and again.”

Mabey Bridge & Shore, Inc.
Joe Sullivan, HR Manager – Mabey Bridge & Shore, Inc.

“After calling around and getting different stories as to what I should and should not do for an Affirmative Action Plan, Peter was a breath of fresh air. He was extremely competent and knowledgeable as to what our company needed. We gave him the information and within a couple of weeks he turned our report around. When I have questions or need assistance he is most helpful Definitely glad we decided to use his company!”

Akzo Nobel Catalysts, LLC
Leland Roberts, B.U. Regional HR Manager – Akzo Nobel Catalysts, LLC
Jacqueline Napoleon, HR Representative I

“This letter is to express a sincere “Thanks” for your working with us recently on our OFCCP reply. We appreciate your more than obvious commitment to what you do and how you so diligently work for your clients. You are, simply put, impressive!

For us at Catalysts, you drove us to success that would not have been possible otherwise in the timeframe allotted. Without your detailed direction and your succinct and frank communication we feel it would have been a different outcome. Thank you for presenting our data and information in the best format possible.

You epitomize what professionals like us look for in external consultants.
Have a progressive year and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

GM Nameplate, Inc.
Kelli Warner, HR Manager – GM Nameplate, Inc.

”After speaking with many people looking for a company to assist with our Affirmative Action Plan, I found Pete. He wasn’t trying to sell me anything, just wanted to help our company. We had an EO Survey and an audit coming up…and that didn’t scare him away! Working with him has been so easy. He is helpful, honest and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and done well. I have truly enjoyed working with him and the Van Zant Resource Group. We really got lucky finding them.”

Verint Systems, Inc.
Jodi Leighton, HR Generalist – Verint Systems, Inc.

“In sourcing vendors to assist us in completing our first AAP, VRG stood out and impressed me with their professionalism and willingness to take the time to really understand our organization and its needs. During the entire implementation process, the staff at VRG was available to assist us and respond to our questions and concerns. We are extremely pleased with our final product and look forward to working with VRG in the future on subsequent plan renewals. I would like to extend a heartfelt “thanks” to the team at VRG for all their efforts and dedication in helping us to meet our compliance requirements.”

Beretta USA
Paola Boniforti, Director of Human Resources – Beretta USA

“I received a call from VRG right after my Internet inquiry. I was impressed with the level of professionalism demonstrated throughout the process of developing our AAP. I was particularly pleased with their extensive knowledge and the quality of the final product received. Most importantly, VRG understands the sense of urgency associated with quick turnaround time, and showed full commitment to Beretta by providing overall excellent service. I will continue to use VRG for any future needs.”

Rhonda Bernard, Human Resources Manager – IMERYS

“Our company has used The Van Zant Resource Group for our Affirmative Action Plans for the past two years. Previously, we used a national company for our AAP’s. While they ran our plans, they never provided any analyses, input or advice. We then discovered Pete Van Zant and VRG, and our lives dramatically changed. VRG, for a better price, provided us with AAP’s in a timely manner with thorough analyses and a clear understanding of what they meant. During the last year, we had 3 OFCCP audits of different locations, and we made it through all 3 without an on-site visit, mostly in thanks to Pete’s technical expertise of federal regulations regarding AAP’s and also his mastery of dealing with compliance officers. Their customer-service orientation coupled with their technical expertise and competitive pricing, VRG has proven to be a valuable partner to our company.”

CLP Resources, Inc.
Barbara Giovannetti, Human Resources Generalist – CLP Resources, Inc.

“I was tasked to implement an Affirmative Action Plan for our Corporate office as well as 44 branch offices. I talked with many consultants but it wasn’t until I talked to Pete Van Zant that I realized I had found the right one. Professionalism, honesty, knowledge and integrity are all qualities I was looking for and The Van Zant Resource Group has provided me with all these qualities. They were, and still are, here to help me with all my questions no matter how simple. What I thought would be a nightmare turned out to be a smooth implementation. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Focus Technologies, Inc. (Quest)
Karen Murvin, Director, Human Resources – Focus Technologies, Inc. (Quest)

“We have had VRG compile our Affirmative Action Plans for the past 3 years and the service is outstanding. Peter and his group are extremely patient when there have been delays in us sending the needed information to them. Peter takes the time to review the completed plan with us and never gets tired of answering our questions. I couldn’t ask for better service.”

Galaxy Scientific Corporation
Katie Connelly, HR & Administration – Galaxy Scientific Corporation

“One of my first tasks when I came onboard at Galaxy was to put together an Affirmative Action Plan for the company. After trying for months to put something together with little to no success, it was finally decided to outsource. Pete was one of the first companies we came across and he is by far the best! Working with someone who does not have much experience in the AAP world is never easy but Pete and his crew took me through the process step by step with patience, respect, and an extreme wealth of knowledge. He was always available throughout the year to answer any questions that popped up and continues to provide us with an outstanding final product. We recently underwent an OFCCP audit and came through with flying colors. I am positive it wouldn’t have been possible without Pete!”

Eclipsys Corporation
Ellen Miller, Human Resources Manager – Eclipsys Corporation

“With Affirmative Action Plans being a new requirement for Eclipsys Corporation, we quickly found that we needed help not only in preparing the plans, but also for explanations and advice. VRG is exactly what we needed and hoped we could find to fill that void. They have been extremely professional and helpful and, during particularly stressful periods such as compliance audits, reassuring. On top of that they are reasonably priced! We are very happy that we chose them as our vendor!”

Encompass Group, LLC, logo
Michelle Defeo, Human Resources Manager – Encompass Group, LLC

“I needed an AAP and I needed one FAST! Pete Van Zant and his group came through for me in record time! The Van Zant Resource Group is knowledgeable, professional, and I highly recommend them. They spent time with me that most other companies would not have spent. They personalized everything they did to fit my company’s needs. If you are looking for the best, then call Pete Van Zant and VRG. You will not be disappointed!”

INO Therapeutics (now Ikaria)
David Deyo, HR Generalist – INO Therapeutics (now Ikaria)

“Our Human Resources team had been trying to find the time to develop and implement an effective Affirmative Action Plan. Our goal was a program that would match the excellence of our organization. But the task appeared so daunting; we kept pushing it back, back, back. Finally, we got smart and called The Van Zant Resource Group. Wow! Pete and his associates had all the answers…and then some. The personalized service and dedication to our needs were first-rate, and they truly made the complex seem simple. We’re proud of the plan we have, and we look forward to a long-term relationship with The Van Zant Resource Group.”

SAGE Systems Technologies
Kelly Barborini, HR Director – SAGE Systems Technologies

“Van Zant Research Group has been my savior. I needed to implement my company’s Affirmative Action Plan as quickly as possible and as soon as I spoke to Pete I knew he would be the right person for the job. Immediately, Pete set my mind at ease. He walked me through the whole AAP process and never once made me feel that my questions were beneath him. He answered my e-mails and phone calls right away, which was a great help since we were under such a tight deadline. Pete was absolutely amazing; he and his staff were able to put our entire plan into place within two weeks. Working with Pete has been a real pleasure; he was a true professional every step of the way and by far one of the best vendors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would recommend Pete Van Zant and VRG to anyone. I am looking forward to working with VRG for many years to come.”

Bart McGuinn, Corporate HR Director – IDB Holdings (Distribution Plus)

Q. What is one of the most dreaded documents that can land on an HR Executive’s desk?
A. An OFCCP audit notice.

Q. What is the next best thing to having the audit “go away”? :
A. VRG, specifically Peter Van Zant

Last summer such a dreaded document landed on my desk. Of course the due date was a short notice and we were in the middle of Teamsters negotiations, a true labor stress sandwich. Peter came to the rescue and as a result we passed the audit and the contract was successfully negotiated. I have 110% confidence in Peter’s expertise. As a result he is my “go to” person for all of my AAP needs.”

MARC Global (now Red Prairie)
Carol Lewis, Director of Human Resources – MARC Global (now Red Prairie)

“VRG has been a godsend for MARC Global! MARC operates in a niche market and experienced talent with relevant work history is not easy to find. As a “one woman show” in a rapidly growing dynamic organization, filling our recruiting pipeline with qualified “A-player” candidates has been my greatest challenge. My CEO recommended I contact VRG, as he had used them in the past, and explore engaging them in a contract recruiting capacity. I must admit VRG has exceeded my expectations.

Not only have they filled my pipeline with top-notch competent candidates, they have had a positive impact on my recruiting budget bottom-line…our average cost-per-offer has been approximately 3.25% of base salary and our average cost-per-hire has been approximately 6.75%. I could not have achieved this type of economies of scale doing the candidate sourcing myself! I strongly recommend VRG for all of your candidate sourcing needs.”

Tri-anim Health Services
Susan Bowman, SPHR, Human Resources Director – Tri-anim Health Services

“The Van Zant Resource Group provided Tri-anim Health Services with our first AA Plan in 2004. We were under an extreme time and date deadline. VRG met and exceeded our expectations. We were able to get the document in place and out to contractors which opened a tremendous business window for one of our business platforms. In June of 2004 during the course of an Acquisition, I called on VRG to provide outplacement resources and guidance, not only did they provide excellent resources, they went beyond and provided great customer service and delivery of information directly to us. We have consistently received excellent service, support and valuable resource materials from VRG.”

SupportSoft, Inc.
Wendy Fitzloff, Director, Human Resources – SupportSoft, Inc.

“Recently, I was faced with the challenge of putting together an Affirmative Action Plan. My goal was to complete it in one month. Never having done an actual plan before, I knew I needed help. VRG was one of many consultant firms that was recommended. I called several. I chose VRG because of Pete’s knowledge of the subject, his ability to reassure me that we could get it done, and his willingness to help me through the process. He has the ability to make his clients feel important and cared for.

We completed the process before the deadline and we received help all along the way! VRG really helped me and our Company achieve our goal.”

Systems Integration, Inc.
Michael Sniscak, Director of Human Resources – Systems Integration, Inc.

“I would like to personally thank you and your staff for all the help you gave SII in the recent OFCCP desk audit. We were notified by the DOL that we were compliant and would not require an on-site visit. That was certainly a relief since I had to go through a couple of on-site inspections in the past.”

Becky Guttstein, Manager, Compensation & Benefits – The Relizon Company

“What can I say? Pete Van Zant is amazing! When I was searching for an Affirmative Action consultant, I spoke with several different companies. Pete stood out from the very beginning with his expertise (including experience with Functional Affirmative Action Plans), straightforward communication style, accessibility, attention to detail, flexibility, quick turn around, responsiveness and last, but not least, his sense of humor. No other vendor even came close to meeting Pete’s standards. When the plans were completed, he presented an expert, yet easy to understand, plan walk-through, providing clear commentary, feedback and suggestions regarding our results. Pete serves as an invaluable extension of our Human Resources department, and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the coming years.”

Terence Cheatham, Manager of HR & EEO Officer – SSL Americas, Inc.

When we needed to put together an Affirmative Action Plan two years ago, I immediately started researching local companies. Once I contacted The Van Zant Resource Group, I knew I had found the expertise we were searching for. What I found to be much different with Pete and his group was their ability to educate us during the process. We searched for a company that would provide a professional service, deliver a quality product, charge a reasonable price and most of all one we could develop a relationship with. We found all these things in The Van Zant Resources Group.”