Human Resources Audit & Best Practices Assessment

The objective of the HR Audit & Assessment is to provide a neutral, third-party assessment of the human resources functions within the organization. Deliverables may include all or some subset of the following elements based on your needs:

  • A complete review of all HR forms, processes, records, policies, and documents to ensure compliance with all applicable employment laws (state and federal)
  • An assessment of the consistency of implementation of HR policies and procedures in your organization
  • Input regarding efficiency and accuracy of processes
  • An examination of the applicability of policies and programs relative to your business goals and culture
  • Findings related to potential employee satisfaction and retention issues
  • Customized “feedback reports” for the human resources team
  • A complete and thorough report detailing all findings and providing best practice analysis and recommendations

HR Audit and Best Practice Assessment

A comprehensive HR Audit & Assessment will facilitate the legal compliance, quality and effectiveness of your human resources systems, policies and programs. Our methodology will also provide you with an analysis of the alignment of human resources to your business needs. VRG’s audit teams have in-depth experience in providing these services to organizations throughout the United States. We have compiled a research library of results, tools, and best practices to facilitate our client’s compliance and HR services needs.