HR Compliance: EEO and More

HR Assessment ToolsStaying current with all of your human resources policies, procedures, postings, forms and reports can be a daunting task, especially if you have employees in numerous states. Professional HR assessment is key and can be the difference between finding and fixing potential areas of concern before they cause problems or learning of them once an employee files a claim or a lawsuit. Leading companies know that complying with EEO guidelines, federal and state laws, and industry-specific regulations can call for expert advice. The Van Zant Resource Group is in the business of providing advisory services to keep your HR compliance on target. From EEO concerns to dealing with the OFCCP or other federal agencies, VRG can serve as your trusted partner in keeping your policies and procedures fully compliant.

HR Assessment Tools

VRG's methods of analyzing your human resource functions can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. For example, large departments or other organizations often find that independent employee interviews and online anonymous surveys provide vital input that wouldn't otherwise be shared with human resources or executive management. VRG can provide a number of different solutions and tools for achieving successful HR compliance, improving employee retention and morale, or implementing productivity-boosting training programs. The experience of VRG means that you get time-tested, proven advice designed to fit your unique situation.

Because an independent consultant brings a fresh eye and objectivity to a situation, it's possible to pinpoint areas of concern that in-house HR assessment programs might not uncover. Experience the benefits of an independent review and consultation, and then see for yourself how this valuable input can improve the course of your company's performance. Now is the best time to get started, so call The Van Zant Resource Group to begin.

Human Resources Audit Areas

When we work with you on a comprehensive human resources audit, we'll focus on core functions and areas of human resources improvement including:

  • Workforce assessment, development improvement
  • Employee retention, talent management and engagement
  • Employee relations consulting transition processes and procedures

VRG continually researches and implements workforce methodologies used successfully by a wide range of industries. Our consultants are ready to help you incorporate those HR best practices in your own organization. Call us today to get started.


In this ever-changing business regulatory environment, it's easy to overlook new court rulings and changes to the law that will cause your policies and procedures to be non-compliant or problematic. Unless faced with a business crisis, such as substantial employment litigation, many organizations focus predominantly on the everyday demands of running a company.

Just as many companies conduct a routine financial audit, proactive businesses conduct a third party or internal human resources audit, assessing your human resources practices can help prevent unnecessary and expensive costs associated with employee complaints, EEO charges and litigation.

The Van Zant Resource Group is an ideal partner to accompany you through a comprehensive HR assessment. While working with your in-house team, we'll highlight areas of potential exposure. We'll suggest simple, effective strategies needed to implement change.