Employee Relations Consulting

Employee Relations ConsultingHR compliance and dealing with employment issues can make or break the best of companies. Poor morale, inconsistent performance management, or a lack of necessary policies and procedures can interfere with your business goals if left unattended. However, a knowledgeable HR consultant can bring these potential pitfalls to your attention well before you experience negative consequences. The Van Zant Resource Group works with your team to find the trouble spots and fix them. Our employee relations consulting services cover a range of areas, including: conducting complaint investigations, offering coaching sessions to improve performance, developing feedback and communications programs, and much more.

HR Consulting Advantages

Your human resources team members are vital to your organization and should be serving a mission critical role. The daily demands of the workplace make it difficult for human resources teams to stay current with leading practices and, sometimes, to see the big picture. Our consultants partner with your in-house team to identify issues and develop solutions to improve results.

Employee relations consulting services can provide support to your managers and human resources team as you attempt to reconcile issues of policy interpretation, workplace equity, compliance with a variety of employment law and "interventions" related to performance, communications and behavioral issues. The Van Zant Resource Group is ready to assist at the level that is most comfortable for your organization, so call and talk to one of our experienced consultants to find out all that we have to offer.

Employee Relations Service Offerings

By partnering with the organization’s HR team, or for smaller organizations that do not have full time HR resources, VRG’s consulting solutions include:

  • Developing appropriate policies, procedures, and practices aligned with your business strategies, culture, and values
  • Conducting investigations into employee issues
  • Assisting in the design, development, and implementation of skills assessments, gap analyses, and development plans for individuals and /or departments
  • Providing targeted performance "coaching" for employees and managers
  • Researching and identifying employee morale and satisfaction issues
  • Providing guidance to management and employees on career development issues
  • Serving as a sounding board for employee issues and providing feedback to human resources and/or management
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of employee communications programs
  • Conducting employee turnover and retention surveys and audits
  • Providing advice and counsel to HR and/or management on all human resources issues

Employee Relations

VRG has years of experience in assisting our clients in maximizing the performance of the organization’s human assets. Our practical approach includes customized services focused on improving the employee experience while driving organization results.